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Banking Technology, Past, Present and Future. Since the first faltering steps away from hard-wired logic, the methods and tools available to the software industry for producing applications have progressed considerably. more>>
Tendering the right approach to institutional marketing. Peter Hopkinson looks at how financial services industry can automate and centralise its complex tendering processes. He investigates how the latest automated tender response software can help fund managersensure timely, accurate and up-to-date documents by utilising a centralised knowledge base for all relevant information. more>>
Interactive Digital TV. The likely impact of interactive digital TV on all our lives cannot be underestimated. Only a year ago, the Henley Centre forecast that by 2003 e-commerce through the computer and television would account for £42 billion a year in the UK, and that by 2008 interactive digital TV (iTV) will be the dominant channel for e-commerce. more>>

As the growth in Merger and Acquisition (M&A) activity continues unabated, more and more insurance companies will need to untangle the complex challenges of IT integration. Some are better prepared than others, says Katherine Hammer of ETI. more>>

Due to the continual increase in competition, the financial services are realising that there is significant scope for profitable business in the sub-prime lending arena and that high risk is not necessarily a bad risk, writes Wayne Pearce. more>>
CASE STUDY: Facing merger and Year 2000 deadlines, Royal & SunAlliance Insurance Group needed to migrate vast amounts of vital customer information from three legacy systems to its new strategic platform. A technical evaluation however, indicated that with traditional programming techniques the task looked impossible given the time available. With the use of data integration tools from ETI, the company accomplished the task accurately in less than half the time and to deadline – saving 30 years of programming effort in the process . more>>

E-markets and Electronic Trading - Internet technology is transforming the way that financial products are being traded. Traditional over-the-counter markets can now be presented electronically to anyone, anywhere, at any time. With opportunity through technology, there comes the challenge to structure the electronic market in a way suitable for each product and participant. more>>


knowledge management:

Content management — helping create order out chaos. Knowledge management maybe an oxymoron — albeit a useful one — but there are certainly parts of our intellectual capital that we can manage much more effectively. more>>

UNLOCKING THE VALUE OF KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge management as a concept has received much attention of late, but that does not alter the fact that many businesses are not realising the benefits of exploiting the knowledge available to them. However, in the current turbulent business climate, few companies can afford to let this valuable resources remain untapped. more>>

Information overreach - With 2.8 million public websites and approximately 800 million web pages (and counting), the challenge of finding the right business information quickly and easily is difficult, at best. more>>
Putting Knowledge to Work. Knowledge management has spawned a lot of theoretical discussion, but how do you put it to work to achieve – and quantify – real benefits for businesses? Peter Turnbull, SER’s UK head of marketing, goes back to Shakespeare to bring to life working solutions for companies today. more>>
Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. Ernst & Young understands this better than most - the firm has one of the largest knowledge infrastructures in the world and is the only professional services firm to have been recognized as one of the world's top five "Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises" in each of the last two years. more>>
In favour of GM insurers. more>>
feature. more>>


in this week's issue:

FTW Issue 23, Volume 6
SEB ditches plans for UK e-bank. more>>
Halifax selects SunGard for asset and liability management. more>>
Autonomy signs second technology deal with Lloyds TSB. more>>
Brightware helps Nationwide automate customer e-mail inquiries. more>>
Royal Bank of Scotland customers left in the dark over Web banking fault. more>>
Danske Bank selects Mutek's black box flight recorders operational software
Rietumu Banka launches CR2 powered online service
National Bank of Canada clearing services signs Ubitrade
PNC selects Ask Jeeves for natural language queries
Swedish State pension fund selects SimCorp¹s TMS2000
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FTW Issue 22, Volume 6
Virgin announces account aggregation. more>>
AXA brings in FI Group for systems upgrade. more>>
BOS installs voice overIP technology for Abbey¹s Web site. more>>
BroadVision inks three-year deal with ABN Amro. more>>
Macalla Software sells i-Mode solution in Japan. more>>
Banctec and edotech provide remittance solution at Equifax. more>>
Alea purchases Michaelhouse's SLIP for London offices. more>>
Syntegra to provide voice-trading software at Wells Fargo. more>>
Web-enabled Fujitsu ATMs to support ACI Worldwide file management solution. more>>
KBC Securities signs with Netik for FIX solution. more>>
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