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Document & knowledge management features:

The Future for Content Management - the evolution of content management from its beginnings as a core departmental technology used to ensure the accuracy and validity of content within an organisation, to today where it is now seen as a key component of any eCommerce or eBusiness initiative. more>>

Effective electronic document management – the lynchpin of e-government. Without electronic document management no local authority could meet government deadlines for implementing 100% electronic public service delivery by 2005. more>>

The future is FREE - the rise of free text retrieval. The traditional mechanism for retrieving scanned documentation has been through the use of a keyword search typically via a standard database search engine. Although this remains a highly efficient method for certain groups of documentation (e.g. invoices, transmittal notes, delivery tickets, purchase orders), a growing number of applications could be better served by the use of content sensitive searching methods. more>>

Is the document dead? In today's world where we have almost universal access to electronic forms of communication through a multitude of media channels, is the concept of a "document" still a valid one in the business and government environments? more>>

Peer-to-Peer Revolutionises the New Digital Economy. Today, peer-to-peer (P2P) technology stands to revolutionise the new digital economy, impacting us all in ways that we have only recently begun to appreciate. Like most emerging technologies, what is once seen as a threat later emerges as an opportunity. more>>

Digital opportunities in managing your brand - how KM efforts can be supported by digital technologies to create new opportunities. more>>
Malcolm Young asks - How many so-called knowledge management programmes in organisations today move rapidly and ill-advisedly from weak assumptions about ‘what we need to know’ to expensive technological solutions in the absence of any clear consideration of first principles or understanding of what knowledge means for the particular organisation or what management might imply in the context of knowledge?. more>>


Latest news:

Knowledge management features:

Content management — helping create order out chaos. Knowledge management maybe an oxymoron — albeit a useful one — but there are certainly parts of our intellectual capital that we can manage much more effectively. more>>

UNLOCKING THE VALUE OF KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge management as a concept has received much attention of late, but that does not alter the fact that many businesses are not realising the benefits of exploiting the knowledge available to them. However, in the current turbulent business climate, few companies can afford to let this valuable resources remain untapped. more>>

Information overreach - With 2.8 million public websites and approximately 800 million web pages (and counting), the challenge of finding the right business information quickly and easily is difficult, at best. more>>
Putting Knowledge to Work. Knowledge management has spawned a lot of theoretical discussion, but how do you put it to work to achieve – and quantify – real benefits for businesses? Peter Turnbull, SER’s UK head of marketing, goes back to Shakespeare to bring to life working solutions for companies today. more>>
Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. Ernst & Young understands this better than most - the firm has one of the largest knowledge infrastructures in the world and is the only professional services firm to have been recognized as one of the world's top five "Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises" in each of the last two years. more>>
In favour of GM insurers. more>>
feature. more>>





In the latest issue of Document Management Update:

Lotus unveils Raven Discovery Server. more>>
Deutsche Bank chooses IBM WebSphere Translation Server. more>>
Zurich deploys Autonomy in worldwide risk engineering extranet. more>>
Feature: The need for content management. more>>
eRooms launches eRooms 5.0 - Richard Croasdale finds out how the company plans to differentiate collaboration tool from Microsoft rival. more>>
Documentum launches 4i Portal content edition. more>>



In the latest issue of DataWarehouse Review:

NCR's Teradata warehouse to provide analysis solutions for BeFree and eHealthDirect. more>>
Microsoft enlists Sagent's technology for targeted marketing. more>>
SPSS to power Millward Brown's market research operation. more>>
Feature: Achieving data Warehouse success. By Stephen C Few of Brio Technology. more>> pursues profitability goals using SAS e-intelligence. more>>
Silvon Software announces Website performance analysis application. more>>







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